A No Name Response to Ferguson

(Photo from Pastor DJ Criner in Ferguson, MO)
Greetings No Name Fellowship,
Wanted to take a bit of time and address some of the current unrest and injustice in our country (and world) and share some links to some resources that have been helpful.
These past weeks have awakened us to the reality of our broken world. Things are not as they should be. Whether it is in Ferguson, Iraq or Gaza the world seems to be on fire. Many of our first reactions is to pull away, but as Christians this is a reminder of fallen humanity and creation. In times like these it is really important to remember our call as Christians to be like our King and to enter into the muck and mire of humanity.
In the wake of the Travyon Martin case No Name Fellowship partnered with Faith in Community to put on a 3 part series on Race in Fresno (Part 1Part 2Part 3). 
In order to continue the conversation we thought it would behoove us to 1) share some reading, 2) continue to engage the conversation in your community and 3) support several pastors in our town as they travel to Ferguson.
1) Articles 
You may not agree with all perspectives below, but our call as reconcilers in Christ means we learn to listen well, emphasize and dialogue with other perspectives. 
2) Continue the Conversation
We would encourage you to not be silent about the injustice in Ferguson. In a spirit of love and grace press into the tragic death of Mike Brown. Let us use this moment to continue the progress that we have made in our city this past year concerning racial reconciliation, our theology of the church, our understanding of the reach of the Gospel! Hopefully the above articles can be a springboard to more conversations, prayer and action!
3) Support Pastor DJ Criner, BT Lewis and Bryson White as they travel to Ferguson
Pastor DJ Criner, Pastor BT Lewis, and Bryson White are in Ferguson to stand as a healing presence and a prophetic voice to bring peace and a deeper level of organization in the area. See the Fresno Bee Article or follow Pastor DJ Criner on Facebook.
To make a contribution, make out your check to “Faith In Community” and mail your contribution to Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, 2101 N. Fruit, Fresno, 93705. If you could, please email us and let us know you your donation is in the mail so we can budget appropriately.
It is a pleasure serving with you all!
Andrew Feil
The Well Community Church – No Name Steering Team Member